Guide for Password Recovery on the IQ Option Platform

Password recovery at iq option
Guide for password recovery on the IQ Option platform

Entering the wrong password will deny you access to your IQ Option trading account. It's even more frustrating when you can't really remember your password at all. The great thing about the IQ Option platform is that you can access your account from several devices. However, the account details remain the same.

As a security measure, IQ Option requires you enter your account details (email and password) almost every time you try to log in. You never want anyone accessing your account.

So what will you do when you've lost your password? This guide shows you the steps to take for IQ Option account password recovery.

Steps for IQ Option account password recovery

The only thing you'll need to recover your password is the email address you used to register an IQ Option account.

Go to the iq iq option login page. Below the email field, click on the “Forgot password” link.

Next, enter your email address and click on “submit”. Then click on the close button.

IQ Option will then send password recovery information to your email.

Steps for password recovery at iq option
Steps for IQ Option account password recovery

You might have opened your IQ Option practice account using a social media platform such as Google Plus or Facebook. I would suggest that you use this account for practice purposes only. If you decide to use a real account, open it using a valid email address. This makes password recovery easier and safer.

email received for password recovery
Password recovery email sent by IQ Option
Click on the restore password button in the email sent by IQ Option. You will be redirected to the platform and asked to create a new password.

Enter new password with conirmation

successful password recovery

Once you've entered your new password twice and submitted the information, IQ Option will save these details. Now, try logging into your iq option account using the new password. Keeping your account secure at all times is important. I've created the A two-layer security guide for IQ Option accounts to help you out.

Getting an error when attempting to log into your IQ Option account

Sometimes, you have your email and password right but still cannot log into your account. There could be a serious underlying issue. The best thing to do here is contact their support team. Some of the fastest ways to do this include:

Fast ways to contact IQ Option support

Chat: Found on their website

Phone: +44 8068 0760


Password recovery and problems logging into your account are the two most common reasons why traders can't access their IQ Option accounts. Using the strategies discussed above, you should be able to get into your account within 10 minutes.

Good luck

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