Digital Options. How to start?

Choosing asset for a digital option

From the list of trading instruments pick digital options and select the asset you'd like to trade.

Choosing an asset to trade
Choosing an asset to trade

What are strikes in digital option

Notice how the chart is accompanied by several parallel lines. Those are known as strikes. Target price levels that the market is supposed to either surpass or stay below.

Available Strikes
Available Strikes

Click on the strike price that you believe to be achievable. You will see the profitability for both call and put options change accordingly in real time. This way you are able to evaluate your potential profit and risks at a glance.

Keep in mind the more attainable the strike price the lower the profit is going to be and vice versa.

Profit potential with digital options

A single digital option can generate up to nine hundred percent of profit if the price of the underlying asset is moving steadily in your favor.

Strikes and their profit potetial
Strikes and their profit potetial

Selling digital option before expiration

You don't have to wait for the option to expire. Just click sell the option at any point to either secure your profit or cut losses. This feature gives you more flexibility in managing the outcome.

Selling digital option
Selling digital option

You can purchase multiple digital options of the same asset at various strike prices. This can give you the ability to experiment with different strategies to maximize profit and lower the risk.

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We wish you a pleasant trading experience.

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