How to sell options before the expiration time

How to sell options before the expiration time. You can sell an option ahead of schedule without waiting for its expiration. Thus you will lock in your profit or limit losses in the case that there is a high risk that the price will move in the opposite direction.

Or there are no signs that the situation might improve. To sell an option ahead of expiration. Press these sell button next to the time button. Or mouse over your deal on the chart and press sell.

To sell all options of the same asset. Price these sell all button. If you want to sell certain options. Click the information button next to sell all and select the options you would like to sell before the expiry.

The information about your investment amounts, expected profit and profit after sale will be available in the same window. Please note that the sell button is not always active for binary options you can sell an option when there is more than 15 seconds left before expiration for short term options.

And more than two minutes for long term options. If the expiration is scheduled for the end of the day week or month. The sell button is available when there is less than 45 minutes.

Please also keep in mind that the sell button is not available for binary options on the weekend as all the exchanges are closed. For digital and effects options. The sell button is always active.

Enjoy your trading.

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