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Choosing assets for CFD trading

In the trade room window on IQ Option platform click on the plus (+) button to access the list of assets.

Openning new asset
Openning new asset

All non-options instruments share the same trading engine and you can trade them as CFD but they have different specification like different spreads, multipliers or overnight fees. Select a group of assets (1) than the asset you'd like to trade (2).

Choosing an asset to trade
Choosing an asset to trade CFD on

IQ Option trading interface for CFD trading

Set the amount of money (1) you're willing to invest and select an appropriate multiplier (2). A multiplier will allow you to invest a larger amount than the one you have on hand which means your potential profit will be bigger.

However, the losses you could incur would also be multiplied by the same number. Click on the Auto Close (3) option to specify the stop loss and take profit price levels.

A stop loss restriction automatically closes your trading position when the losses on that trade reach a certain amount. Similarly, a take profit restriction will automatically close your position once a certain amount of profit is made.

Depending on whether you believe the asset is going to appreciate or depreciate, click buy or sell (4).

CFD trading interface
CFD trading interface

Closing CFD transaction on IQ Option platform

The position will remain open and active either until the auto closed limits are reached or until you decide to close the deal yourself. You can manually close (1) the position whenever you see fit by clicking on the close button.

You can also adjust auto close settings by dragging levels visible on the chart (2).

Position management
Position management

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We wish you a pleasant trading experience.

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