Guide to effective Trading Using the SMA20 Indicator on IQ Option

trading with sma

The Simple Moving Average (SMA) is one of the popular and simple indicators you can use on IQ Option. This indicator follows the trend indicating good places to enter into trading positions.

In this guide, you'll learn how to use the SMA20 indicator for trading on the IQ Option platform.

Setting up the SMA20 indicator

For purposes of this guide, we'll use a 5 minute candle interval Japanese candles chart for the EUR/USD pair.

With your chart set up, click on the indicators feature and select Moving Averages. Next select Moving Average.

setting up 5m chart with sma20

Next, on the MA window, enter 20 as the period and let type remain SMA. The Guide to Trading with the SMA Indicator on IQ Option will teach you the basics of setting up SMA and trading with it.

setting up sma period

Guidelines for trading using SMA20 indicator

When using the SMA20, your objective is to identify points at which the line cuts the prices along the trend.

If the SMA20 moves from above the prices and touches or cuts across a bullish candle, it's likely that the trend will continue moving down. The downtrend is further confirmed by a bearish candle developing after the bullish candle and SMA20 remaining above the prices.

Is the SMA20 moves from below the prices and touches or cuts across a bearish candle, it's an indicator that the uptrend is likely to continue. The uptrend is further confirmed by a bullish candle developing after the bearish candle. In addition, the SMA20 continues moving under the prices.

Take a look at the two price charts below.

sma-20 short trade
sma-20 short trade 2

Example with 3 trade entry points signaled by SMA20

Let's use the chart below.

sma-20 long trades
The first trade entry point is signaled by the SMA20 moving under the prices and cutting across a bearish candle. The next candle that develops is a bullish one. The SMA20 continues moving under the prices. You should therefore enter a 5 minute buy position at the open of the next bullish candle.
The second trade entry point is similar to the first. The SMA20 cuts across a bearish candle just before a bullish candle develops. The SMA20 then continues moving under the prices. Your trade entry should be at the open of the second bullish candle.
The third trade entry point is a bit different. The SMA20 doesn't cut across a bearish candle. Instead, it almost touches the candle's low. A bullish candle also develops after this candle. Your trade entry should therefore be at the open of the second bullish candle that develops.

Trade entry signals when using SMA20

One of the advantages of using the SMA20 indicator is its simplicity. All you need to look at is where it touches or cuts across a candle. Next, you'll need to look at the SMA20 line's position relative to the next candle. Finally, enter your trade position based on this analysis.

Now, your trade entry should be after the second candle fully develops. This way, you're sure about the price direction based on the SMA20 line's position and the candle color. Each trade should last 5 minutes.

Is SMA20 a good indicator to trade with?

Most traders will argue that SMA is not a good indicator to trade with due to the lag it has. However, it's a good technical analysis tool for use when the markets are trending.

trend is your friend at iq option

Given the examples I've used above, it's easy to see that this indicator is safe to use. As long as you're able to identify the SMA20's movement relative to the prices, you should be able to get consistent results.

Now, the SMA20 doesn't work well when the markets have high volatility. For example, when a news item causes the prices to suddenly change.

Capital management strategy when trading with SMA20 on IQ Option

As you've seen, the SMA20 indicator can bring in consistent winning trades. This makes it a good strategy for making relatively high profits from few trades.

As such, I would recommend using compounding as a money management strategy. Start with the usual 2% to 5% of your account balance. Then for subsequent trades, invest your winnings plus that initial investment.

For example, if you have a $100 account balance, your first trade amount would be $2. With a return of 80%, you would make a profit of $1.6. You would therefore invest $3.6 in your subsequent trade regardless of whether your first trade was profitable or not.

This money management strategy ensures that even if you make 3 trades per day, you will end up profitable.

martingale system iq option

Be psychologically prepared when trading SMA20

Trading using the SMA20 might seem simple at a glance. However, it requires a lot of patience. It might take minutes or even hours before the right signals present themselves. You'll therefore need to patiently analyze the price charts.

If the right conditions present themselves and you miss the opportunity to enter position, wait until the SMA20 crosses the price charts again. Trading would result in losses.

psychology of trading iq option

Now that you've learned how to trade using the SMA20 indicator on IQ Option, your next step is trying it out. Head over to your IQ Option practice account and practice this strategy. We'd love to hear about your results in the comments section below.

Good luck!

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