trading rectangles IQ option
Guide to identify the rectangular price model suitable for long trades on IQ Option

Trading rectangles with long-lasting trades on IQ Option

Learning how to identify and use support and resistance is one of the skills every trader needs. The rectangular price model is based on this skill. If used effectively, it can give you consistent profits over a small trading window. This model is also commonly referred to as the Darvas Box model.

This guide will teach you how to identify the Darvas box as well as apply it in your trading.

How to identify the rectangle pattern

In a ranging market, you'll notice that prices will rise to a specific price point before dropping to a specific price point. The upper price forms the resistance level. Conversely, the lower price point forms the support. Both are strong. That is, the price doesn't break out when it reaches these levels but rather bounces back within the range.

The support is created by drawing a horizontal line that touches at least 2 low price points. The resistance, on the other hand, is created by drawing a horizontal line that touches at least 2 high price points. Both support and resistance run parallel to each other.

trading rectangles on EURUSD
Identifying a rectangular price pattern

One of the features that make this pattern easy to identify is that it develops at the end of a trend. It also indicates a trend reversal.

For example, you will notice prices consolidating at the top of an uptrend or the bottom of a downtrend. This is a signal that the trend has been exhausted and preparing to reverse. Prices at this point aren't going higher than a particular price point or dropping lower than a particular price.

What should you do when you identify a Darvas Box?

Trading rectangles inside the channel

In most instances, you'll only be able to identify a Darvas Box when it has already developed. But this doesn't mean you cannot make some profit before a new trend develops.

The first thing to do is draw your support and resistance lines. Whenever the price touches the resistance, open a sell position. Do the opposite when the price touches the support level.

Always use a long term chart when trading short term trades. For example, if you identify a rectangle channel pattern developed on a 30-minute chart, your trades should last 5 minutes. This way, you'll be sure that the price remains within the range and doesn't bounce back before your trade expires.

Bouncing inside of rectangle
Trade entry points when the price touches resistance and support

How do you trade a rectangle when the breakout occurs?

Eventually, the markets will adopt a trend. You need to be prepared for this. The direction the prices change after breaking either support/resistance will give you a signal about what position to take.

For example in the snapshot of the rectangle chart below, the price eventually breaks the support creating a downtrend. This signals you enter into a sell position. Our Guide to Identifying When Price Wants to Breakout from Support/Resistance on IQ Option and the Actions to Take. What actions should you take? The guide will give you more details about trading rectangles in such instances.

Breaking rectangles barrier
How to trade when price breaks out of rectangle price pattern

For prices to break out of the Rectangular price model, there must be strong price momentum. You can, therefore, expect that the price will continue moving in the direction of the breakout. In addition, due to the momentum, you'll notice that the candles signalling an upcoming trend are longer and similarly colored.

This is a signal that you should prepare to enter into position along with the developing trend. Trading using this model is one of the safe ways to trade at IQ Option.

How do you use rectangles in forex?

Forex is a market like any other. You could say that from a technical analysis point of view it is an almost perfect market. The virtually unlimited liquidity on the major currency pairs means that price movements can often be described by technical analysis patterns. Trading rectangles on the currency market therefore looks just like any other market. The only difference may be that on forex it is easier to identify a rectangle pattern and that it can be discovered on almost any time frame chart.

Have you ever been trying trading triangles? We'd love to hear about your results in the comments section below.

Good luck!


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