Guide to Trading the Railway Tracks Candles Pattern on IQ Option

Railroad tracks
Guide to trading the railway tracks candles pattern on IQ Option

There are many different types of candle patterns. For price action traders, the tweezers tops and tweezers bottom candles are among the most important type. These candles have a solid body with a wick at the top or bottom. They often come in handy when you want to spot a trend reversal especially if you love holding long positions.

In this guide, you'll learn about the railway tracks candle pattern and how to use it to trade on IQ Option.

Overview of the railway tracks candles pattern

candles at iq options - tweezers
Railway tracks candle pattern

For this pattern to develop there are three conditions that must be met.

The first condition is that it's created by a pair of candles. The second condition is that both candles must be of the same or almost the same length making them look like railway tracks (notice the candles above).

The third condition is that the two candles must be different. If the first is bullish, the second must be bearish.

One of the cool things about this pattern is that it's very easy to spot. The reason being is that they usually occur when the trend is exhausted and about to reverse. So if you've been watching a trend run over a period of time, watch out for this pattern, it's usually a signal that the trend is about to reverse.

How to trade using the railway tracks pattern on IQ Option

tweezer top

Railway tracks pattern appears at peak of uptrend

If the trend has been up for a while, the railway tracks will likely appear at the peak meaning a reversal will occur. Immediately the bearish candle starts forming, get into a sell position.

tweezer bottom

Railway tracks pattern occur at the bottom of a downtrend

In the chart above, you'll notice that the two candles aren't exactly the same size. However, their lows are at the same level making them good candidates for a railway tracks pattern. This is simply a signal that the trend is about to reverse and go bullish.

When does the railway tracks candles pattern work best?

If you look at both charts, the new trend doesn't quite develop for a while. It therefore pays to get into long positions lasting more than 15 minutes if you're trading options on IQ Option.

This pattern also works when the markets have clear trends.

Now that you've learned about the railway tracks candles pattern and how to use it on IQ Option, it's time to try it out. Open an IQ Option practice account today and use this pattern.

Good luck.

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