#1 Guide to recognise a Stick Sandwich candlestick pattern on IQ Option

Stick Sandwich pattern on IQ OptionTraders may use different chart types on the IQ Option. Candlestick chart, however, is the most popular one. It is useful for most strategies and you can observe some repeatable patterns on it. These patterns help in determining the future movements of the price. Today I am going to describe a candlestick pattern with the funny name ‘Stick Sandwich'.

Stick Sandwich candlestick pattern

The name of this candlestick pattern comes from the fact that it resembles a sandwich on the price chart. It is formed by three consecutive candles. The middle one has a different colour from the candles surrounding it and a smaller trading range.

The pattern may appear during the downtrend and the uptrend and so it is called a bullish or a bearish Stick Sandwich.

Bullish and bearish Stick Sandwich candlestick pattern
Bullish and bearish Stick Sandwich candlestick pattern

A bullish Stick Sandwich pattern

A bullish Stick Sandwich can be found at the end of the downtrend. The candles in the pattern should be successively red green red. The middle green candle should have a smaller body. The body represents the range of the opening and closing price. Candles before and after this candle totally engulf it. This is how a bullish Stick Sandwich looks like.

The second candle of the pattern shows that the selling pressure may be coming to an end soon and the trend may reverse. Wait with the opening of your position when the price breaks through the level of the third candle's high.

Bullish Stick Sandwich pattern on EURUSD 5m chart
Bullish Stick Sandwich pattern on the EURUSD 5m chart

A bearish Stick Sandwich candlestick pattern

In opposition, the bearish Stick Sandwich pattern should be looked for during the uptrend. A green, red and green candle create the pattern. The middle candle is red and comparatively smaller.

The bearish Stick Sandwich reveals diminishing buying pressure in the market. The price will probably fall soon. Enter the trade when the candle breaks below the third candle's low. See the EURUSD example below. Outside candles have longer bodies than the middle one.

Bearish Stick Sandwich pattern on EURUSD 5m chart
Bearish Stick Sandwich pattern on the EURUSD 5m chart


Candlestick patterns are commonly used in the traders' world. Not all have the same reliability and thus, it might be a good idea not to rely just on them. Apply some additional methods of technical analysis to confirm the best moments to enter or exit the trade.

The Stick Sandwich is the pattern of three consecutive candles where the middle one is smaller than the other two and has a different colour. The pattern can be found during the downtrend and the uptrend.

As always, I recommend you begin with the IQ Option demo account. It is free of charge and supplied with virtual cash. This way you can train and practice different scenarios without risking you losing your capital. Go there and find the Stick Sandwich on the candlestick chart.

Good luck!!

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