Bullish and Bearish Pin Bar Candles with Support and Resistance. 2 Simple Strategy Setups

combining pinbar and s/r level
Using pin bar candles and support/resistance to trade trend reversals

Both bullish and bearish pin bars are popular candlestick formations for trading. Their true strength is revealed when we combine them with other elements of technical analysis. Today we will show you 2 effective trading setups combining pin bars with support and resistance lines. This strategy will allow you to successfully play out trend reversals.

Key Takeaways🔑

Pin bar candles combined with support and resistance levels create effective trading setups.
Bullish pin bars at support levels signal a buy position, while bearish pin bars at resistance levels signal a sell position.
Practice and refine this technique using a demo trading account before applying it to live trades.

Overview of the Pin Bar candles

Pin bar candles are a special type of candle. They consist of a fairly small body with a long wick either at the top or bottom of the body. The long wick is at least twice the size of the body. The opposite end of the body might have a small wick. Pin Bar candles can be either bearish or bullish.

Bullish and bearish pin bar
Pin Bar candles

Importance of knowing the Pin Bar when trading

Pin Bar candles form when the battle between bulls and bears is intense. For the bearish pin bar, the body shows that sellers dominated the markets. However, bulls step in driving prices up. But eventually, the bears won the battle in that particular session. The opposite is true about bullish Pin Bar candles.

What is a bearish pin bar?

A pin bar is a single candlestick formation. We can say that it is an asymmetrical formation. A very narrow body in relation to the shadow is located at the top or bottom. A bearish pin bar has the body at the bottom and a long shadow pointing upwards. This shadow can be said to mean that the price did not want to be on the upside, hence the bearish nature of this formation. The opposite of this is of course the bullish pin bar.

Pros and Cons

👍 Advantages:

  • Combining pin bar candles with support and resistance levels increases the probability of successful trades.
  • Easy to learn and apply, even for beginners.
  • Works well on different timeframes and trading instruments.

👎 Disadvantages:

  • False signals may occur, leading to potential losses.
  • Requires a good understanding of support and resistance levels.
  • Not a standalone strategy; traders should use additional tools and techniques for confirmation.

Pin Bar Candles Support and Resistance
Indicate intense battle between bulls and bears. Ranges where the price seems to bounce off, acting as a barrier.
Bullish and bearish pin bars signal potential trend reversals. Used to identify potential entry points for trades.
Can provide false signals if not combined with other tools. Can be subjective and require experience to identify accurately.

Overview of support and resistance

Support and Resistance levels are simply ranges where the price seems to bounce off. The support forms when prices don’t seem to go lower than a certain range before bouncing back up. Resistance forms when prices don’t seem to rise beyond a certain range before falling again. For more about these levels, the Guide to Setting Up and Trading Using Support and Resistance on IQ Option will get you started.

Using Pin Bar candles alongside support and resistance

Once the price hits a support or resistance level, it’s very difficult to determine whether it will break out or reverse. However, an easy way to know that it will reverse is when a pin bar occurs at this level. Take a look at the image below.

pinbars and s/r scheme
Pin Bars occurring at support/resistance

Once the prices touch the support or resistance range, two things can happen. The first is that the prices can break out of this level forming a new trend. The other is that the prices will reverse. A Pin Bar forms when buyers or sellers step in to prevent the prices from going further up or down. It takes a good eye to identify these instances which technical analysis proponents call a false breakout.

So when trading using Pin Bars alongside support and resistance, use the following rules:

  • When the prices reach the support level and a bullish pin bar forms, enter a buy position.
  • When prices reach the resistance level and a bearish pin bar forms, enter a sell position.
  • If you’re using a 5-minute candle interval chart, your trades should last 10 minutes or more.

Trading using Pin Bar candles with support and resistance on IQ Option

Enter into a sell position when the bearish pin bar reaches the resistance level

Below you can see a 5-minute chart of EURUSD. The market was moving upwards and encountered price resistance. It was clearly possible to draw a line that the price did not want to cross. I have marked a bearish pin bar candlestick in the circle. It is the signal for a sell position.

down trade with pinbar and resistance
Enter sell position when pin bar forms on resistance

Enter into a buy position when the pin bar forms on the support level

On the next EURUSD chart, we see a respected resistance level on the left. The price finally breaks through this level. The so-called change of poles takes place and what was resistance turns into price support. Note that just after breaking through this resistance level the price made a pullback constituting new support for the price. In the circle, I marked a bullish pin bar which is here an obvious signal to open a buy position.

up trade with pinbar and support level
Enter buy position when pin bar forms on the support

Now that you’ve learned how to trade using bullish and bearish Pin Bar candles alongside support and resistance, try out this technique on your IQ Option practice account today. Share your results with us in the comments section below.

Good luck!


  • Q: What are pin bar candles?
    • A: Pin bar candles are special candlestick formations with a small body and a long wick, indicating a potential trend reversal in the market.
  • Q: How can pin bar candles be used with support and resistance levels?
    • A: When a bullish pin bar forms at a support level, it signals a potential buy position, while a bearish pin bar at a resistance level signals a sell position.
  • Q: Are there any drawbacks to using this strategy?
    • A: Yes, this strategy can provide false signals and requires a good understanding of support and resistance levels. It is recommended to use additional tools and techniques for confirmation.
  • Q: Can this strategy be used on different timeframes and trading instruments?
    • A: Yes, this strategy works well on various timeframes and trading instruments, but traders should practice on a demo account before applying it to live trades.
  • Q: What is a false breakout?
    • A: A false breakout occurs when the price appears to break through a support or resistance level, only to reverse and move back within the previous range, typically accompanied by a pin bar candle.


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