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The first thing you should do after signing up for a new IQ Option account is to get familiar with the IQ Option trading interface. Luckily, the platform is well designed and simple to navigate. All features and tools are placed on the interface so you won't need to do a lot of digging to find them.

This guide will run you through the different features and what they do.

Chart-related functions on the IQ Option trading interface

The Best Guide to the IQ Option Trading Interface. Explore 17 Core Platform Functions 1
IQ Option features on the top and left of the interface

1. Open a new instrument

This feature allows you to choose a new trading instrument to trade with. Clicking on the (+) plus sign opens a list of the different assets currently available for trading. This includes binary options, Forex, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, and stocks.

2. Selected instruments

Once you select a trading instrument, it's automatically added at the top of your IQ Option trading interface. Clicking on it opens its real-time trading chart.

3. Multi-window view

If you've selected several instruments and want to view their real-time charts simultaneously, this feature will come in handy. IQ Option offers up to 4 different multi-window views.

4. Currently viewed instrument

This feature simply indicates the instrument's chart you're currently viewing.

5. Chart type

This feature is used to select the chart type to use when trading. IQ Option currently offers Japanese candle, bar, line, and Heikin-Ashi chart types.

6. Time interval

This feature allows you to change the time interval that a single candle or bar will last before another starts to develop.

7. Graphical tools

This feature allows you to select drawing tools that can be used in technical analysis. They include the trend line, horizontal line, and Fibonacci lines.

8. Indicators

This feature allows you to select the indicator you want to use for technical analysis. IQ Option offers dozens of indicators ranging from oscillators to moving averages.

Trading-related functions on IQ Option trading interface

ui for binary trading iq option
IQ Option features at the right and bottom of the trading interface

1. Purchase time

This feature is a vertical dotted line with a small clock at the bottom. It simply indicates the time remaining before you're allowed to enter a trade. If the time expires, the line moves away from the prices and the countdown starts again.

2. Trade expiry

Depending on how long you hold the position (when trading options) the price must touch this line for the trade to expire.

3. Account balance

This feature shows how much money is remaining in your trading account.

4. Deposit button

This feature is used to make a deposit to your real account. It's also used to replenish your practice account if your virtual amount falls below $2000.

5. Amount

This is simply the amount you want to invest in a single trade. You can manually adjust this by clicking inside the box and typing in the amount.

6. Expected return

This is the expected profit you will get if your trade is a winner.

7. Higher button

This is used to enter a buy position. If you think the price will be higher at trade expiry, click on this button to enter a position.

8. Lower button

This is used to enter a sell position. If you think the price will be lower at trade expiry, click on this button to enter a position.

9. Time interval bar

This bar is used to change the chart to reflect price changes over a specific period. For options, it will range between 30 days and 2 minutes.

What are the most important elements of an IQ Option trading interface?

The IQ Option trading interface is one of the best among options trading platforms. It's intuitively designed and packed with numerous features that will come in handy in your trading career. The image below will detail the different features that you'll find on your IQ Option trading interface. At the same time, this is our list of the most frequently used features of the IQ Option platform.

iq option trading interface

Main settings tab (1)

This is found at the top of your IQ Option trading interface as a bottom pointing arrow. Click on it and you'll find quick links to settings such as uploading your photo, editing personal data, deposit and withdraw links, general settings and the Log out option.

The general settings link can be used to change language and interface appearance among other settings.

Account balance (2)

The account balance appears on the top right of your interface. It's orange if you're using the practice account and green in the real account. Beside the account balance is the deposit/withdraw button.

Multi-window view and asset selection (3)

The multi-window view tab is at the top left of your interface. It is used to change views from one to up to 4 window view. This comes in handy when you're trading several markets at the same time.

The asset selection feature appears as a + “plus” sign at the top of the IQ Option trading interface. This is used to quickly select a financial instrument to trade with.

Sidebar (4)

The sidebar contains quick links to different features. It appears on the right edge of your IQ Option trading interface. Some of the features you'll access here include your trading history, active trades, chat and support, market analysis and video tutorials.

Chart, tools and indicators (5)

The chart, tools and indicators appear in the middle of your trading interface. Right below the chart is the “Chart type” feature that allows you to alternate among candle, line, Heikin-Ashi and bar charts.

Below is the time interval feature that allows you to choose the time interval between bars or candles. Next are the graphical tools which are used for technical analysis. Finally, you'll find the indicators feature which is used to apply different technical indicators to your chart.

Market history bar (6)

This feature comes in handy during the analysis stage. It allows you to analyze the market from several months back to as recently as 2 minutes ago.

Amount (7)

This feature is at the right side of your trading interface. This is where you'll enter the amount you want to invest in each trade.

Higher (buy) and lower (sell) buttons (8)

These are the trade entry buttons. The higher/ buy button is used to enter a call trade. The lower/sell button is used to enter a put trade.

Market specific features

When trading options, the right side of your trading interface will include the expected return (percentage) and the time. The time feature is used to determine when you expect the trade to expire.

When trading forex and CFDs, the right side of your trading interface will include a multiplier and auto trade close features.


IQ Option traderoom has been designed with the user in mind. As you've seen, the IQ Option trading interface isn't that complicated. Trade room is also available as an IQ Option app, which you can install as a separate application on your computer. The interface is identical. The IQ Option mobile app is very similar but has slightly reduced functionality compared to the desktop version.

All essential features are found right on the interface. But to get used to them, you'll need to practice. A good place to start is on the IQ Option demo account.

Do you find the IQ Option trading interface easy to use? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Good luck!



IQ option products like CFDs and options are investments that can be risky. This means that if you invest in them, you could lose your money quickly. In fact, 83% of people who invest in CFDs with this provider "IQ Option" lose money. You should make sure you understand how CFDs work and if you can afford to risk losing your money. Remember, this article is not giving you any advice about investing. Any information about what happened in the past or what could happen in the future is just an opinion and not guaranteed to be true. Including examples given in the content displayed.
Be warned!

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      Bonjour, j’utilise le mode d’apprentissage de IQ option cependant, je n’arrive pas à fixer la durée de ma position au délà de 15 minutes. C’est tout ce que l’interface me propose. Comment faire si je veux trader une position sur une journée ou un mois?

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