IQ Option chart templates. #1 Method to drastically improve your trading workflow

IQ Option Chart templatesToday we will talk about an underestimated feature of the platform which is IQ Option chart templates. There are plenty of indicators available on the IQ Option platform. Some work best when applied separately, others are better in combinations. I am pretty sure you have always set each indicator for the compilation individually. And it is okay. However, there is a way to simplify this process and is called “Templates”. Today I will show you how to prepare your individual templates.

Choosing the indicators for your IQ Option chart templates

First, you need to do what you have always done, which is log in to your IQ Option account and select a preferable asset. Now, you click the chart analysis icon on the left side of the trading interface. Under the “Indicators” tab you have all the indicators offered by your broker. Choose one by one what you are interested in. In the example below I have chosen indicators set used by a strategy that combines MACD, MA and PSAR. I encourage you to read about it, it is a good one.

First you need to choose indicators and set their parameters
First, you need to choose the indicators and set their parameters

To illustrate the process, let’s assume you are fond of the MACD, Moving Average and the Parabolic SAR. You select those and set the parameters according to your needs. You will then see all three indicators on the chart.

Now we have our combo of indicators set (EMA, MACD and PSAR)
Now we have our combo of indicators set (EMA, MACD and PSAR)

Creating a template

Now you are going to create your personal template that will serve you further along the trading path. To do this you click the chart analysis icon one more time.

Hit the “Added” button. You will see what indicators are currently added to your chart. In our example, these are the EMA10, the MACD and the PSAR.

Underneath, you will see a diskette icon with the text “Save Indicator Template”. When you click on it you will be able to provide a name for your new template. At the end of a process, click the “Save” button and the template will be created.

How to make reusable chart templates on IQ Option platform
How to make reusable chart templates on the IQ Option platform

IQ Option chart templates

Once you click on the chart analysis icon you have three tabs available. The indicators, template and widgets. Go to the templates and you will see all ready compilations you have saved before. You can view the details and you can also change the name. When you hover your mouse cursor over template name you will be able to see which indicators are attached to this particular template. Parameters are also visible. It makes navigation easier, especially when you will have a large collection of templates.

You can just choose the template that will work best in the present market situation and wait for the signals in order to open the trading position.

How to access your chart templates
How to access your chart templates

Concluding remarks on IQ Option chart templates

When creating new IQ Option chart templates it is a good idea to set yourself some sort of naming convention. When testing different strategies and creating new templates you can get a bit lost having a large set of saved layouts. The name can be your strategy name. I usually write the names of the indicators used in the template along with the period of the indicators, if it is different than the default one.

There are many strategies based on several indicators. Before, you might feel a bit discouraged when you had to set each one separate every time you wanted to use multiple indicators. Now you know how to shorten this process.

The templates feature is very helpful. It saves your time and everybody knows the time is money. So make use of this feature today and create your favourite compilations. You can set as many templates as you want. Use them wisely to produce reliable signals.

Wish you good luck!


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