How to use the Fractal indicator on IQ Option

Fractal indicator on IQ Option

Introduction to the Fractal indicator

The indicator I will be writing about today is called the Fractal. What does ‘fractal' mean? It is a geometrical figure where similar patterns repeating themselves over and over again. And in trading, the Fractal indicator is based on the patterns that are noticed repeatedly on the price chart.

The fractal indicator captures possible turning points on the chart and draws the arrows. They show the pattern formation. The fractal pattern can be a bullish or a bearish one.

Setting up the chart

Go to your IQ Option account and open a chart for the asset of your choice. Find the chart analysis icon on the left side of the platform and click on it. Then, choose ‘Popular' under the indicators' tab. The last step is to find our indicator and press a button ‘Fractal'. This procedure will attach the indicator to the chart.

How to attach Fractal indicator on IQ Option
How to attach the Fractal indicator on IQ Option

How to identify the Fractal pattern on IQ Option

Fractal high
Fractal high

The fractal pattern consists of 5 candlesticks. The arrow is drawn below or above the middle candle which is the low or high point of the pattern.

The bearish fractal pattern emerges when there are two lower highs with one higher high between. It is marked by an up arrow and signals potential fall in the price.

The bullish fractal pattern appears when there are two higher lows with one lower low between them. It is marked by a down arrow and gives a signal the price could go upward.

Fractal low
Fractal low

Calculating the pattern is more an observation than math. You just need to search for low and high points on the price chart. When you isolate such, you have to check what candles are developed on the left side of your low/high. Then, you will only have to wait for the next two candles to confirm the pattern.

So if you find a high point and there are two lower highs on the left side, it is very possible this is our pattern. Wait, however, until two more candles appear. If they are also lower highs, the fractal is fully developed.

When you isolate a low point and there are two higher lows on the left from your point, and then two higher lows occur afterwards, the bullish fractal is complete.

How to read the Fractal indicator on IQ Option

The Fractal is a very common pattern. You will probably see many arrows on your chart. The arrows appear on low/high points. However, they do not signal the entry point as the Fractal will only occur when the next two bars confirm the pattern. Thus, the entry point should be after the third candle after the arrow.

The Fractal pattern gives information about the possible change in the trend direction. The pattern itself creates ‘U-shape' in the price bars. When the price is falling to a low point of the pattern and then rise, we have ‘U-shape' for a bullish Fractal. It is assumed, the price will go up. When the price was moving up until a high point, generating an upside ‘U' and confirming the Fractal pattern, the price will most probably move down.

As I said, the signals from the Fractal pattern will appear frequently. Therefore, you should not rely just on them. You can use additional forms of technical analysis like trend analysis or pivot points.

Another way of using the Fractal pattern is to enter the trade when the price closes above or below the fractal high/low. Let's look at the exemplary charts.

When price closes above fractal high you can open 3-minute option for price increase
When price closes above fractal high you can open a 3-minute option for the price increase

There are several arrows visible on the price chart. Search for a moment where the candle closes above or below the fractal high/low points. In this case, the fourth candle after the upper arrow met this condition. Now is a good time to enter a 3-minute position for the price increase.

The next chart shows two examples of opening 3-minute trades for the price decrease. In these cases, the price closes below the fractal lows. Thus, the downward is predicted.

When price closes below fractal low you can open 3-minute option for price decrease
When price closes below fractal low you can open a 3-minute option for the price decrease

Final thoughts about using the Fractal indicator

The Fractal indicator is based on the patterns that repeat themselves often. It helps to predict a change in the direction of the price.

You may be overwhelmed by the frequency the arrows appear. It is important that you remember not all of them are trading signals. You should not use them all but, instead, you should patiently wait for a few next candles to develop or use extra indicators and other forms of analysis.

The arrows typically appear in the middle of the pattern. They may give a false impression of good entry points. Bear in mind, there are two more candles that have to be developed until the pattern could be confirmed. Thus, you should not open a trade earlier than on the third candle after the arrow develops.

It is recommended that you check how the Fractal indicator works on a demo account. Like this, you will have the possibility to know it better and to learn how to use it in order to get the best entry points. Once you get confidence in using the Fractal, trade with it on a real account.

Wish you a pleasant experience!


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