Does IQ Option accept crypto deposits?

BTC deposit on IQ OptionWe have recently written about the new crypto options available on the IQ Option platform. Cryptocurrencies continue to enjoy growing interest. Today, we will look at the options for depositing and withdrawing Bitcoin into your IQ Option account.

Does IQ Option accept crypto?

IQ Option offers multiple methods of depositing funds. Accounts are held in FIAT currencies. Many people, therefore, wonder if it is possible to deposit funds using cryptocurrencies. The short answer is YES. IQ Option accepts deposits in cryptocurrencies. At the moment it is possible to deposit using BTC. Other cryptocurrencies are not supported.

You don't see BTC as an option for depositing funds on IQ Option?

If when you enter the deposit section, you do not see an option to deposit bitcoin, this could mean 2 things:

  • BTC deposits are only available for those who have made deposit using different channel before
    BTC deposits are only available for those who have made the deposit using a different channel before

    BTC deposits are currently unavailable. Such situations are rare. Then you simply have to wait and try again in some time.

  • The option to select BTC as a deposit method is not available for those who have never made a deposit. This is due to a simple fact. IQ Option usually withdraws funds using the same channels by which the money was received. Withdrawals are made in fiat money, hence IQ Option needs to have a channel to withdraw the funds.

How to deposit funds in IQ Option using BTC?

To fund your account using BTC as a payment method, please follow the steps below:

  1. Once on the deposit page, select BTC as the payment method.
  2. Enter the amount you wish to fund your account.
  3. Then click on Proceed to Payment.
  4. Enter the address of your BTC wallet. This address can be used in the future to send you BTC if something goes wrong with your deposit.
  5. Click Proceed to Payment.
  6. You will see information about the BTC address to which you have to send the bitcoin. It will also tell you exactly how much BTC you have to send to fund your account with the amount you specified earlier.
  7. Open your BTC wallet and send the appropriate amount of bitcoin to the address provided by IQ Option.
  8. Please remember to check everything carefully before sending funds. Check the wallet address that you provide at the beginning. When sending funds make sure that you send them to the address provided by IQ Option.

You need BTC in your crypto wallet in order to deposit to IQ OptionIs it possible to withdraw BTC from the IQ Option account?

At the moment, withdrawals from IQ Option are only possible using fiat money. Funds deposited in BTC are immediately converted by the system into regular currency. Therefore, withdrawals in BTC, ETH, LTC or other cryptocurrencies are not possible.

This fact alone is also the reason why, in order to deposit funds in BTC, you need to make a deposit in regular currency first. As I mentioned, IQ Option must have a route for withdrawing funds.

withdrawals with crypto are not possible on IQ OptionA short summary

IQ Option is constantly developing its deposit and withdrawal options. To meet the needs of users, the company allows deposits to be made using Bitcoin. Withdrawals in cryptocurrencies are not available at the moment. But who knows? Perhaps in some time, it will be possible.

We wish you success with the IQ Option platform!

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