Disparity Index on IQ Option

Disparity Index indicator sounds very complicated. Prices on the market are constantly moving. Sometimes slower, the other times faster. And they also form peaks and troughs. Traders want to catch these moments, so they can profit from the positions they opened at the right time. But sometimes it can be a difficult task to predict a future movement. That is why there are technical indicators to be of assistance. Disparity Index is one of them.

What is Disparity Index indicator?

The Disparity Index is a momentum indicator that will indicate is it a strong or weak trend and thus, how possible the reversal is. What it measures is the relative position of the last closing price of an asset to the chosen moving average. A result is given in percentage.

Generally, when the result is below zero, that is when the percentage lies on a negative scale, you can expect a growing sales pressure and the asset's price to fall. A zero value is saying that the price of the asset is equal to its moving average. And a positive percentage, that is when the values are above zero, shows the price's momentum is increasing upward.

How to set up the Disparity Index indicator on the chart

Go to your IQ Option account and open a trading platform. Choose the asset and the type of chart. Next, click on the chart analysis icon which you will find on the left side. A new window will pop up. Choose the “Indicators” tab and then “Trend”. The Disparity Index will be among them. After clicking on it, the indicator will be added to your chart.

How to find Disparity Index on IQ Option
How to find the Disparity Index on IQ Option

The Disparity Index is in the form of a line that oscillates around zero value.

How to calculate Disparity Index?

A Disparity Index formula for calculations is:

Disparity Index = (Current Market Price − n-PMAV) / n-PMAV × 100

Where n-PMAV means n-Period moving average value.

Disparity Index
Disparity Index oscillates around the zero line

Using the Disparity Index indicator in trading

Significant signals occur when the Disparity indicator crosses the zero line. This is no different to, for example, the ROC (the Rate of Change) which is also a momentum indicator. When the oscillator is crossing the value of 0, the change in the trend is predicted. And when the indicator reaches extreme values, the price correction is imminent.

In strong uptrend Disparity Index stays above zero
In a strong uptrend, the Disparity Index stays above zero

When the asset's price is pushed in a particular direction, not many will take the opposite side. The trend will soon reverse. The Disparity Index is going to the extreme indicating that the asset falls into the oversold or overbought areas. And this gives the information that a change is imminent and thus, a trader should not follow the trend anymore. Remember that the values above zero inform about the upward momentum. And when the line falls far below zero, there is a pressure on selling during the downward trend.

In strong downtrend Disparity Index stays below zero
In a strong downtrend, the Disparity Index stays below zero

You can also catch a divergence with the Disparity Index indicator. The rules are similar to other oscillators. Look at the price and the line of the indicator. If they are not moving in the same direction, that is, one is rising while another is falling, you have noticed a divergence.

Similar to other oscillators you can use Disparity Index to catch divergencies
Similar to other oscillators you can use the Disparity Index to catch divergencies

It is a good idea to use another tool along with the Disparity Index indicator. It will serve as a confirmation of your assumptions. Remember, there is a demo account on IQ Option platform so you can make risk-free transactions and implement the indicators that you have just learned about. Practice using them on a demo account and with time, you will be ready to move to the real one.

Good luck!


IQ option products like CFDs and options are investments that can be risky. This means that if you invest in them, you could lose your money quickly. In fact, 83% of people who invest in CFDs with this provider "IQ Option" lose money. You should make sure you understand how CFDs work and if you can afford to risk losing your money. Remember, this article is not giving you any advice about investing. Any information about what happened in the past or what could happen in the future is just an opinion and not guaranteed to be true. Including examples given in the content displayed.
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