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The DeMarker indicator (DeM) is an oscillator that relates recent price action to closing prices. As such, it's used to identify overbought and oversold areas, giving you an idea about high risk and low-risk buying and selling areas.

This powerful tool, created by Thomas DeMark, is widely used by traders across financial markets, including forex and binary options.

This guide will teach you how to set up this indicator on IQ Option. Next, well use it to trade.

Setting up the DeMarker indicator on IQ Option

adding demarker iq option
Set up DeMarker indicator on IQ Option

How can I customize the DeMarker indicator settings on IQ Option?

To customize the DeMarker indicator settings on IQ Option, follow these steps:

Log into your trading account and set up your chart (e.g., Japanese candles).
Click on the indicators feature, then click on Momentum, and finally select the DeMarker indicator.

Adjust the DeM settings according to your preferences. For example, set the period to 14, the overbought line to 70, and the oversold line to 30. Click on apply to save your settings.

demarker indicator settings


Understanding the DeMarker Indicator and Its Components

DeMarker Indicator Formula and Calculation

While the DeMarker indicator formula is quite complicated, it is essential to understand the basics to make informed investment decisions.

The DeMarker calculation involves comparing the current high and low values with those of the previous bar. It is then smoothed using a simple moving average to generate the final DeMarker values, which oscillate between 0 and 100.

Key DeMarker Values and Their Significance

The DeMarker indicator is often used in conjunction with other technical analysis tools like moving averages, the average directional index, and the relative strength index. Industry experts recommend focusing on the key DeMarker values: 70, 50, and 30.

  • 70: Overbought level, indicating high values and potential for a price drop.
  • 50: Neutral level, suggesting that the market is in a ranging or non-trending state.
  • 30: Oversold level, indicating low values and the possibility of a price increase.

Mastering the Art of Trading with DeMarker Indicator on IQ Option

Using the DeMarker indicator in trading forex and other markets can help traders identify opportunities and manage risks.

However, mastering this tool requires practice and a solid understanding of its various aspects, such as reading the DeMarker oscillator, determining asset trends, and confirming overbought and oversold levels.

demarker signals - to oversold and overbought
Trade using DeMarker indicator on IQ Option Trade setup

Implementing DeMarker in Your Trading Strategy

When the DeMarker indicator rises above 70 or falls below 30, traders should be alert for potential trend reversals. For instance, if the DeM crosses the 30 line from below, it may signal an upcoming uptrend. In this case, a trader should enter a long buy position.

Conversely, when the DeM crosses the 70 line from above, it may indicate an imminent downtrend. Traders should consider entering a short sell position in such circumstances.

demarker signals - to oversold and overbought
Trade using DeMarker indicator on IQ Option Trade setup

Why Choose the DeMarker Indicator?


  • Simple to understand and use, even for new traders.
  • Effective in identifying overbought and oversold conditions.
  • Works well in conjunction with other technical indicators, such as moving averages and pivot points.
  • Can be used for various assets, including currencies and stocks.
  • Helps in predicting trend reversals.


  • May generate false signals in a strong trending market.
  • Not suitable for all trading strategies and timeframes.
  • Requires practice and experience to master.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I use the DeMarker indicator for short-term trading?

Yes, the DeMarker indicator can be used for short-term trading, but it's essential to adjust the settings accordingly. For example, if you're trading on a 1-minute chart, your options should expire after 5 minutes or more or longer. If analyzing on a 5-minute chart, ensure that your trade lasts at least half an hour.

2. How does the DeMarker indicator compare to other oscillators, such as the stochastic oscillator and the relative strength index (RSI)?

While the DeMarker indicator shares similarities with other oscillators like the stochastic oscillator and RSI, it has its unique features. The DeMarker focuses on recent price action and closing prices, making it a valuable tool for identifying overbought and oversold conditions.

However, each oscillator has its strengths and weaknesses, so combining them can enhance trading strategies and provide more accurate signals.

3. Can I use the DeMarker indicator with other technical indicators?

Yes, the DeMarker indicator can be effectively used alongside other technical indicators, such as moving averages, pivot points, and the average directional index.

Combining these tools can provide a more comprehensive understanding of market trends and potential reversals, ultimately leading to better-informed trading decisions.

4. Is the DeMarker indicator suitable for new traders?

The DeMarker indicator is relatively simple to understand and use, making it suitable for new traders. However, it's essential to practice using the indicator and gain experience in different market conditions to maximize its potential.

New traders should consider using an IQ Option practice account to familiarize themselves with the DeMarker indicator and develop their trading skills.


In conclusion, the DeMarker indicator is a versatile and valuable tool for traders looking to identify overbought and oversold levels in various financial markets.

With a solid understanding of its key components and the ability to implement it effectively in trading strategies, traders can harness the DeMarker indicator's full potential on IQ Option.

Remember to practice using the indicator in different market conditions and combine it with other technical analysis tools to enhance your trading decisions.


IQ option products like CFDs and options are investments that can be risky. This means that if you invest in them, you could lose your money quickly. In fact, 83% of people who invest in CFDs with this provider "IQ Option" lose money. You should make sure you understand how CFDs work and if you can afford to risk losing your money. Remember, this article is not giving you any advice about investing. Any information about what happened in the past or what could happen in the future is just an opinion and not guaranteed to be true. Including examples given in the content displayed.
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