Coppock Curve IQ OptionThere are plenty of indicators available on IQ Option. Today we are going to introduce the one known as the Coppock Curve indicator or the Coppock Guide. It was invented by Edwin Coppock. Let's see how you can use it in your trading.

Coppock Curve indicator basics

The Coppock Curve helps to identify significant up and downturns in a stock market index. It is a long-term price momentum technical indicator. A formula to calculate it is as stands below.

WMA10 of (ROC14 + ROC11)

WMA10 is a weighted moving average with a period of 10

ROC14 is a rate of change with a period of 14

ROC11 is a rate of change with a period of 11

The IQ Option platform has a multitude of indicators. Some of them are not very suitable for day trading. The Coppock Curve belongs to this group of indicators. The indicator itself is designed to detect long-term momentum. The author himself recommends using it on monthly charts. Thus, it can be said that the indicator is more useful for long-term investing than for trading. In trading, however, you can use it to filter the direction of your swing trading and day trading trades.

How do you trade with Coppock Curve?

The indicator invented by Coppock is designed to be used on a monthly candlestick chart. On such a chart, a candle represents information about the price for a whole month.

How to insert Coppock Curve on IQ Option platform
How to insert the Coppock Curve on the IQ Option platform

To add an indicator to the chart, click the indicators icon. Coppock Curve is located in the “Other” indicators group. As with most tools, the Coppock Curve indicator settings can be left at default to begin with.

Coppock Curve displays in a separate window under the price chart
Coppock Curve displays in a separate window under the price chart

How to read trading signals from Coppock Curve?

The interpretation of the readings from the Coppock Curve indicator is very simple. A buy signal is produced when the indicator's line rises above the middle 0 line. If you already own the asset and the curve is over 0, it means a hold. You may sell when the indicator falls below 0.

Long-term trading signals from Coppock Curve
Long-term trading signals from the Coppock Curve chart

The purpose of the Coppock Curve indicator

A monthly interval is intentionally shown on the chart above. An indicator was created to analyse such charts. If you want to use it on an intraday scale, be alert and attentive. Notice on the 5-minute chart below how many false signals the indicator has generated.

Coppock curve indicator doesn't work good on intraday charts
Coppock Curve indicator doesn't work good on intraday charts

Coppock Curve indicator summary

The Coppock Curve is a momentum indicator used to catch major price movements on the monthly candlesticks chart. Its readings are quite simple, just follow its line and note when it goes below or above the 0 line. It may, however, produce false signals as it is a long-term lagging indicator. It is recommended to use extra confirmation for your entry points.

Do not forget there is an IQ Option demo account waiting for you on the platform. You will not invest your money as the account is supplied with virtual cash. Moreover, it can be replenished any time you want. And you can stay there long enough to begin to feel comfortable trading with a new indicator. Then, shift to the live IQ Option and work on your profits.

Most traders on IQ Option are day traders and scalpers. However, today's indicator may also be useful for them to determine the higher-order trend. Do you have any experience with the Coppock Curve indicator? Be sure to share them in the comments below the article.

Wish you an enjoyable experience!


IQ option products like CFDs and options are investments that can be risky. This means that if you invest in them, you could lose your money quickly. In fact, 83% of people who invest in CFDs with this provider "IQ Option" lose money. You should make sure you understand how CFDs work and if you can afford to risk losing your money. Remember, this article is not giving you any advice about investing. Any information about what happened in the past or what could happen in the future is just an opinion and not guaranteed to be true. Including examples given in the content displayed.
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