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A personal trading checklist can simply be defined as a summarized trading plan. A plan with a list of things you need to fulfil for you to say you are ready to enter a trade. You could also see it as a set of rules you need to follow as you prepare to start trading.

Just as the name suggests, the trading checklist is personal. This means that one trading checklist might not effectively work for two traders. The reason is, each trader has his or her own trading strategy. You can however be sure that using this tool will greatly improve your trading performance.

Why use a Personal Trading Checklist?

We all know that trading is a form of investment that carries its risks. These risks are further amplified by the external and internal noises that confuse most traders. External noise includes what the other traders or news is saying. Internal noise includes that feeling of fear or anxiousness you feel whenever you want to initiate a trade.

Helps you build confidence.

A personal trading checklist will help you deal with confusion and give you the confidence you need to analyse your market and start trading. This is because it helps you create your own procedure that you have to follow. Once you have gone through and completed this procedure, you will now know and feel that you are ready.

Emphasizes on Your Trading strategy.

Most experienced traders will tell you that having a trading strategy is crucial if you want to make profits. Trading is more about strategy that just luck. Having and applying your personal checklist ensures that you remain true to your trading strategy.

Sometimes as you trade, you mental toughness might be tested. This usually happens when you have initiated a trade and the market goes against it. Having a personal checklist will ensure that you remain focused on your goals. Consistently using a working trading strategy increases your chances of making a profit instead of always being swayed by market trends.

IQ Option Wiki Personal trade checklist:

Factors to consider when making your personal trading checklist.

1. Market Trend.

trade with trend

As you plan out your personal trading checklist you need to consider the current market condition. You will have to define your market and decide whether you will go with it or against it. If you are new to trading it is usually recommended that you trade with the current market trend. Doing this will increase your chances of making a profit, another good thing is that you don’t need to have a specific opening price.

You can have something like this in your checklist, “The trade is the direction of the trend.”

2. Trade investment money.

money making plan

The personal trading checklist also gets you to pay attention to your investment amount. Having it in mind will help you keep your eyes on the prize by reminding you just how much you intend to make from the trade. You will also need to make sure that the trade amount is right before you begin trading.

The statement on your checklist could be something like this, “The trade is the right amount.”

3. Trading News and Announcements.

watchout for a news

You need to have a trusted source that will give reliable news and announcements on what’s happening in the trading world. Considering such news and announcements might influence a change of mind and help you dodge certain losses.

Have something like this in your trading checklist, “Check on relevant news or announcements.”

4. Your Physical and Emotional state.

healthy body and mind

Trading requires you to be in good physical shape and have the right mindset. Failure to this and you might end up doing the wrong market analysis which is only followed by initiating a losing trade. The only aftermath in such a case is sustaining heavy loses.

You might have something like this in your personal trading checklist, “Am in good physical and mental health.”

5. Risk-reward ratio.

high reward to risk ratio

This is a measure of your expected profit for each dollar you invest in a trade security. (1:6 means that for every one dollar you risk, you stand to make six dollars.)

After you have established your risk-reward ratio, you will be able to know whether or not to set a stop-loss order in your trade. This is an automatic order to close a trade whenever the market goes below a certain price. It’s main aim is to make sure you don’t incur heavier losses.

Have something like this in your personal trading checklist, “The trade’s risk-reward ratio is favourable.”

Coming up with your personal trading checklist might seem difficult at first but it might be what sets you out to make a profit or loss. Always remember it will be different for each individual trader. For more info on trading plans and strategies look here.




Here an example how the checklist can be used for a technical trading setup:


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