IQ Option trading volume. Discover 5 applications to improve performance

Volume widget on IQ OptionIQ Option traders should analyse many factors to become successful. One of such is IQ Option trading volume. What is it and how to use the knowledge about it in trading? You will get the answers in today’s article.

Key Takeaways🔑

Trading volume is a crucial aspect of technical analysis, providing insight into market strength and interest in a specific asset.
By monitoring trading volume, traders can better identify trends, trend reversals, exhaustion moves, and false breakouts.
Trading volume should be combined with other tools and techniques for a well-rounded trading strategy.

What IQ Option trading volume is?

Trading volume is a measure that says how much of a certain instrument has been traded over a specific time. It gives the number of contracts in options and futures or the number of shares in stocks.

What information does trading volume provide?

By learning what trading volume is you can estimate the market strength. When the volume is increasing and the market is rising, a trend is getting stronger. But when the volume is increasing and the prices are falling, it means a downtrend is accumulating strength.

When the volume decreases and the prices are not creating lows or are reaching new highs, you might expect a trend reversal.

How to attach the IQ Option trading Volume widget to the chart

You can add the Volume widget to your IQ Option chart in just a few steps. Click on the indicators icon and go to the Widgets tab. Find Volume on the list. On the right side, you will be able to enable or disable the widget. Once enabled, it will appear beneath the price chart.

4 steps to enable IQ Option trading Volume
4 steps to enable Volume on the IQ Option platform

Trading volume is vital in technical analysis as it shows how big the current interest in a particular asset is. There exist indicators that are relying on trading volume such as Klinger Indicator or Balance Volume.

Using volume in your trading

Generally, traders seek opportunities to enter transactions during a strong move. Sometimes they open trades in the opposing direction of a weak move.

Unilever daily chart with Volume attached
Unilever daily chart with IQ Option trading Volume attached

Trading volume should be considered by looking at quite recent data. Comparing the present volume to that from a couple of years ago may not bring relevant information.

Let’s see how you can utilise information about the trading volume.

Using IQ Option trading volume to confirm the trend

The bigger interest in a specific financial instrument, the higher the volume and market rise. When they diminish, it suggests the enthusiasm of the buyers is decreasing and the trend may reverse.

Rising volume ca be a trend confirmation
Rising volume can be a trend confirmation

A strong signal that something significant is going on is received when the price rises or falls on a large volume. When it happens on little volume it does not provide a powerful signal.

Using IQ Option trading volume to catch exhaustion moves

Exhaustion moves are the sharp price moves on sharp volume increase. They are read as a signal of the end of the trend.

Exhaustion of a dynamic price movement
Exhaustion of a dynamic price movement

Using IQ Option trading volume to identify trend reversal

A change in the prices can be expected when the price starts to range on a heavy volume and after a long move up or down.

sign of a trend reversal
When the price is ranging and Volume is growing it might be a sign of a trend reversal

Using IQ Option trading volume to receive a bullish sign

A bullish sign is received when the price is falling but the volume rises, then the price goes up and then back down. The price does not drop under the previous low and the volume decreases on the second move down.

A bullish signal when Volume is growing and price is decreasing
A bullish signal when Volume is growing and the price is decreasing

Pros and Cons of Analyzing Trading Volume

  • Pros: 😃
    • Helps identify market strength and potential trend reversals
    • Provides insight into asset interest and demand
    • Useful for confirming the legitimacy of breakouts
    • Can be easily incorporated into existing trading strategies
  • Cons: 😞
    • May not always accurately reflect market conditions
    • Not effective as a standalone trading tool
    • Requires additional tools and techniques for a comprehensive trading strategy

Benefits of Trading Volume Analysis Challenges of Trading Volume Analysis
Provides valuable insights into market sentiment and strength. Requires constant monitoring and timely interpretation of data.
Enhances decision-making by identifying trend reversals, breakouts, and exhaustion moves. Not always accurate, as other factors may impact market conditions.
Can be combined with other technical analysis tools for a comprehensive trading strategy. May require a learning curve for new traders to effectively analyze volume data.

Using IQ Option trading volume to discover false breakouts

The breakout from a pattern or a range happens when the volume rises. This is showing a strong interest. A false breakout may be identified when there is no big difference in volume or it is decreasing.


Trading volume is a useful tool that can improve your performance. It provides information about the size of interest in a specific financial asset.

Generally, it implicates the market strength. You can use it to confirm the trend or predict possible changes in price direction.

Use some extra tools to determine the best time to close and open your trading positions.

Remember about the IQ Option demo account, available for free, where you can practice a new trading approach without fear of losing your money.

I would be happy to hear from you. Share your experience in the comments section below.

Good luck!

Common Questions about Trading Volume Analysis

  • Q: How does trading volume indicate market strength?
    • A: An increase in trading volume along with rising prices typically signifies a strong trend, while increasing volume with falling prices indicates a strengthening downtrend.
  • Q: How can trading volume help identify trend reversals?
    • A: When volume decreases while prices are not making new lows or highs, it may indicate a trend reversal.
  • Q: What are exhaustion moves, and how do they relate to trading volume?
    • A: Exhaustion moves are sharp price changes accompanied by a significant increase in volume. They often signal the end of a trend.
  • Q: How can trading volume help confirm a breakout?
    • A: A legitimate breakout usually occurs with a significant increase in volume, demonstrating strong interest in the asset. A false breakout may have little change in volume or even decreasing volume.
  • Q: Can trading volume be used as a standalone trading tool?
    • A: No, trading volume should be combined with other tools and techniques for a well-rounded trading strategy.


The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.
Kindly note that this article does not provide any investment advice. The information presented regarding past events or potential future developments is solely an opinion and cannot be guaranteed as factual, including the provided examples. We caution readers accordingly.

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