Fractal chaos bands on IQ OptionToday, I am going to present Dreiss's tool known as the Fractal Chaos Bands. The prices of the financial instruments in the market are in constant motion. They seem to be very chaotic. And while sometimes they are chaotic indeed, occasionally, you can discover they form repeatable patterns. Traders were trying to catch these patterns over the years and they invented many indicators that are of great help in this task.

Introduction to the Fractal Chaos Bands

Edward William Dreiss was an Australian advisor and commodity trader. He invented the way of measuring fluctuations of prices by using fractal geometry. His indicator filters out insignificant movements or whipsaws and presents a general situation of the price action.

Adding the Fractal Chaos Bands to the IQ Option chart

Log in to your IQ Option account first and choose the type of asset you are going to trade. Then click on the indicators icon and find the Fractal Chaos Bands indicator. It will be displayed over the price bars with lower and upper bands.

Chaos Bands on IQ Option
How to insert Fractal Chaos Bands on IQ Option

All indicators come with default settings. You can, however, modify them if it makes readings easier for you. Here, you may choose to adjust the thickness and colours of each line and fill the channel with some colour.

colors and thickness of Fractal Chaos Bands
You can only adjust the colours and thickness of Fractal Chaos Bands

Trading with the Fractal Chaos Bands indicator

The Fractal Chaos Bands indicator provides information on whether the market is trending or ranging. The bands have a certain slope in trend direction. They remain flat when there is no trend in the market.

GBPUSD 15-minute chart with Fractal Chaos Bands
GBPUSD 15-minute chart with the Fractal Chaos Bands

When the slope grows it means the trend is forming or it becomes stable. When the slope diminishes we can assume the market becomes insecure and variable.

The lower band of the indicator is formed based on the price lows and the upper on the price highs.

The Fractal Chaos Bands is formed by 5 consecutive candles with the lowest low or the highest high in the middle. These low and high values are shown by the lower and upper bands. Fractal can appear with just one bar to its right side but then it is unconfirmed and it will disappear when the price goes beyond this level. Wait for the second candle and the fractal will appear for sure.

Signals to open a trading position with fractal bands

A signal to go short is received when the price closes below the lower band of the indicator. When the candle closes above the upper fractal line, you can open a long position.

To secure your trade you can trace the stop loss with the declining line (when selling) or the rising line (when buying).

Long position example with dynamic stop loss
Long position example with dynamic stop loss

Avoiding whipsaws

Indicators sometimes produce false signals. Naturally, you want to avoid misleading signals and whipsaws. To do that, add a supplementary filter to the chart. It can be a Simple Moving Average with a period of 100.

With the SMA100 attached, a signal to enter a sell trade will be confirmed when the price breaks the lower band of the Fractal Chaos Bands below the moving average. Do not open a position when the asset's price crosses the band above the SMA100.

Short trade example with SMA(100) as a trend filterA buy trade can be opened when the candle breaks the upper fractal line above the SMA100. Avoid going long when the price is below the moving average. As you can see, the aforementioned signals together with the SMA100 average filter can form a solid basis for a fractal chaos bands strategy.


The indicator invented by Edward William Dreiss helps to identify trending markets. It is based on fractal geometry.

The Fractal Chaos Bands draws a channel over the price chart. If you look at the slope of the bands, you will be able to tell whether the market is trending or not. In order to obtain trading signals, wait for the candles to break the lower or upper band of the indicator.

You can use the Fractal Chaos Bands with another tool as for example Simple Moving Average. It will additionally filter the false signals out.

Practice using the Fractal Chaos Bands indicator in the IQ Option demo account. You will not risk losing your money there as it is supplied with virtual cash. Move to the live account after some time so you get chances to earn real profits.

Good luck!

General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose

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