How read IQ Option signals from the Donchian Channel. Learn 2 simple trading setups

Donchian Channel on IQ Option
Donchian Channel on IQ Option

Key Takeaways🔑

Donchian Channel indicator is a powerful tool for identifying trends and price breakouts in trading.
Using the Donchian Channel effectively can help you generate your own reliable trading signals on the IQ Option platform.
Practice using the Donchian Channel on the IQ Option demo account before applying it to your live trading strategies.

Where can I get binary options signals?

Beginning traders often look for shortcuts. They search the internet for various IQ Option signals. You can find a lot of them on the web, some of them are even very expensive. Unfortunately, in the end, it usually turns out that it is a scam and the paid IQ Option signals simply do not work. Let me tell you a secret. You can provide yourself with IQ Option signals. The platform gives you countless indicators and tools to work with the price chart. These tools can be your own private signal generator. Do you know what is best? Such IQ Option signals are completely free. Today, to get them, we will use the Donchian Channel indicator.

A few words about the Donchian Channel

Richard Donchian was a professional who invented the Donchian Channel indicator in the 1970s. It was successfully applied to the forex market as well as options trading. It is quite a powerful indicator, although many traders underestimate it.

The Donchian Channel shows the lower and upper limits of the trend visually and this is why it is adored by professionals. In fact, this is exactly what you need when trading digital options. Your goal is to predict the direction of the price in the future that is, whether the trend will continue or reverse.

IQ Option included the Donchian Channel indicator in its offer and today we are going to talk just about it.

Donchian channel on AUDUSD 30m chart
Donchian channel on the AUDUSD 30m chart

How to add the Donchian Channel indicator to your chart on IQ Option

Once you have accessed your IQ Option platform, click on the “Chart analysis” icon that you will find on the left side of the trading interface. You will see the Donchian Channel under the “Indicators” tab between the volatility indicators.

A faster way is through the search box. It is enough if you just start writing the indicator’s name.

How to insert Donchian Channel on IQ Option platform
How to insert the Donchian Channel on the IQ Option platform

Then, you have the possibility to change the indicator’s parameters. You may customize the period, the colour and the thickness of all of the three lines, and you can choose to fill the channel with the colour.

Adjusting period, colors and line thickness for Donchian Channel
Adjusting the period, colours and line thickness of the Donchian Channel

How the Donchian Channel is interpreted

There are three lines that form the Donchian Channel indicator. Their calculations depend on the period set. The predefined period n is 20 but as was said earlier, you can adjust it according to your needs.

The lower limit is the lowest price value observed during the period n. The upper boundary is the highest value of the price within the last n period.

The chart with the Donchian Channel on may resemble the Bollinger Bands. There are also lower and upper limits, but here the price does not extend the borders like in the Bollinger Bands. Also, the Donchian Channel consists of the middle line which is exactly in the middle between the upper and lower band.

How to get free IQ Option signals from the Donchian Channel indicator

You will observe the price movements within the channel created by the lower and upper boundaries. What you are looking for are the crossover points of the candle with the middle line.

When you notice that the bearish candle intersects the middle line, enter a sell transaction.

When the bullish candle crosses above the middle line, you should enter a buy trade.

Crossovers with middle line can be used as a signals to open a position
Crossovers with middle line can be used as IQ Option signals to open a position

By observing the candlesticks within the Donchian Channel, you can identify the trend.

The uptrend is developing when the channel moves upward. Besides, the candles form over the middle line.

The downtrend is emerging when the channel moves downward and the candles develop below the middle line.

Another way of trading with the Donchian Channel is through observing the points where the price rebounds from the middle line.

Open a short position if candles rebound from the middle line through the downtrend.

Go long when there is an uptrend, the price comes to the middle line, rebounds and proceeds up.

In trending market the middle line can act as a support-resistance for price movement
In the trending market, the middle line can act as a support-resistance to price movement

Pros and Cons👍👎

  • ✔️Visually displays the highest high and lowest low in a given period
  • ✔️Helps identify trends and price breakouts effectively
  • ✔️Can be customized to suit individual trading preferences
  • May not be suitable for all types of trading strategies
  • Requires practice and understanding to use effectively

Donchian Channel Features Benefits
Visually displays the highest high and lowest low Easier identification of trends and price breakouts
Middle line acts as support and resistance Helps in determining the right entry and exit points
Customizable settings Adaptable to individual trading preferences and strategies
Useful in various markets Applicable to forex, options trading, and other financial instruments


The Donchian Channel is a great tool. It visually shows the highest high and the lowest low during a given period of time. It helps to determine whether the uptrend or downtrend is developing. It identifies price breakouts.

As always, my advice is to try this tool on the IQ Option practice account first. You get the opportunity to conduct risk-free transactions there. This way you have time to get to know how the indicator works. Once you are ready, move onto the real account and start making money.

I would be happy to hear about your experience with the Donchian Channel indicator. Of course, if you use other tools to generate your IQ Option signals, we’d love to read about that too. You will find the comments section down below the site. Leave your comment there.

Wish you success!

Q&A Section💡

    • Q:What is the main purpose of the Donchian Channel indicator?
    • A:The main purpose is to identify trends and price breakouts by visually displaying the highest high and lowest low in a given period.
    • Q:How can I customize the Donchian Channel settings on the IQ Option platform?
    • A:You can customize the period, colors, and line thickness of the Donchian Channel through the indicator’s settings on the platform.
    • Q:What types of trading strategies can benefit from using the Donchian Channel?
    • A:Trend following, price breakout, and support-resistance based trading strategies can benefit from using the Donchian Channel.
    • Q:Can the Donchian Channel be used in conjunction with other indicators?
  • A:Yes, the Donchian Channel can be used alongside other indicators such as moving averages, RSI, and MACD for a more comprehensive analysis and to confirm trading signals.
  • Q:Is the Donchian Channel suitable for beginners?
  • A:Yes, the Donchian Channel is a relatively simple and user-friendly indicator, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. However, it is essential to practice using it on a demo account before trading with real money.


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