Belkhayate indicatorToday we will discuss one of the newer tools in technical analysis which is the Belkhayate indicator. IQ Option is an innovative platform. It wants to meet its clients' needs so it introduces new features all the time.

Belkhayate Indicator introduction

Mustapha Belkhayate came up with the idea of the oscillator that calculates the gravity center of the movements in the market. He named it Belkhayate Timing.

It is used to recognise the best entry points for trading positions and to predict a reversal in the prices.

How to add the Belkhayate Timing to the chart on the IQ Option platform

Log in to your IQ Option trading account and select a financial instrument of your choice. Set the chart for Japanese candlestick type. Then, click on the indicator's icon. Find a group of momentum indicators under the indicators' tab. The Belkhayate Timing will appear on the list on the right.

You can also start typing the name of the indicator in the search window.

How to add the Belkhayate Timing indicator on IQ Option platform
How to add the Belkhayate Timing indicator on the IQ Option platform

The default settings are as follows: the period of 34, the range 1 is 4 and the range 2 is 8. You can change them if needed. Moreover, you may change the colour.

You can use default settings for Belkhayate Timing
You can use the default settings for Belkhayate indicator

How to use the Belkhayate Timing in trading on IQ Option

You have already added the indicator to the chart. Now, you need to know how to use it to identify the best moments to enter a trade. But to know how to apply a strategy with the Belkhayate Timing, you have to know what the areas of indicator signify.

Belkhayate Timing indicator on EURUSD 5m chart
Belkhayate Timing indicator on the EURUSD 5m chart

5 areas of the Belkhayate Timing

We can distinguish 5 areas of the Belkhayate indicator as in the picture below. The Lower and the Upper areas are indicating the zones where you can enter the trade with a high probability of winning. The Green and the Red areas are still good for opening trading positions. It is, however, not recommended to trade when the price fluctuates in the Middle zone.

5 areas of Belkhayate Timing indicator
5 areas of the Belkhayate Timing indicator

Trading with the Belkhayate Timing based on its 5 areas

If you decide to enter a trade in the Middle Area (known also as the Neutral Zone) the chances of winning are fifty-fifty. You may earn profits, but you can lose as well. That is why it is often advised not to trade when the price moves in the Middle Area.

Do not trade if Belkhayate Timing is in neutral zone
Do not trade if the Belkhayate indicator is in the neutral zone

When the price falls into the Extreme Zone, that is the Green or Red areas, a change in the direction of the price is probable.

Open an up position when the price enters the Green Area.

Open a down trade when the price is in the Red Area.

Green and red areas indicate possible change in market direction
Green and red areas indicate a possible change in market direction

The Outside Extreme Zones that is the Upper and Lower areas are hardly ever reached by the price. However, when this happens, you receive quite strong signals and you can open a trading position with a high probability of winning.

Open an up trade when the price falls into the Lower Area.

Open a down transaction when the price enters the Upper Area.

It is rare for Belkhayate Timing to visit Upper or Lower areas
It is rare for the Belkhayate Timing to visit Upper or Lower areas

The signals produced by the Belkhayate Timing will be much stronger when you combine it with another indicator. The Bollinger Bands or the Alligator Indicator will form a perfect pair with the Belkhayate indicator.

You can connect Balkhayate Timing with Bollinger Bands for better entries
You can connect the Belkhayate indicator with the Bollinger Bands for better entry signals

Final words

Now you know the Belkhayate Timing indicator. You have been briefed on the strategies to use it in trading on IQ Option. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to practice new features in the safe territory, before you invest real money.

IQ Option offers a free demo account which can serve as a training field. Open it now, if you have not already and start using the Belkhayate Timing.

Share your thoughts on the Belkhayate in the comments section which you will find further down the site.

Good luck!




General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose

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